Stop being busy. Slowing down is the answer to humanity’s crises

Niels de Fraguier
4 min readJul 5, 2022

From Human Beings we became Busy Beings. “I am so busy these days…” I am sure you’ve heard that a hundred times. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you were saying it yourself. It became a buzz(y)word — a must-to say.

This article is an invitation to step back and slow down. An invitation to rethink the way we approach our time and priorities — from busyness to presence. Considering the urgency of our time, we must reflect and act to slow our minds down.

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The Busyness of our lives

I have always been fascinated by the need for people to look and sound ****. Everyone is but no one really understands what this means. It seems that everyone wants to be part of this “busy” tribe without acknowledging its toxicity. It has become the norm and everyone is following the trend.

Individual success has been built upon the idea that busyness equals worthiness. Having a packed agenda and showing up as busy gives a feeling of importance and accomplishment.

This rhetoric is very much aligned with our system. Always faster. Always more. Eternal acceleration. Endless growth.

The reality is that collective hurry is leading us to societal catastrophe. We are speeding up on the highway to hell ignoring the cliff waiting for us at the end of the journey.

Speaking the truth, being busy means being enslaved by time. It means losing control over ourselves. It means letting external elements manage the person we are. It means losing our sense of identity by being too occupied to properly think, reflect and be.

The use of never-ending to-dos is an escape from our own realities. The time has come for us to reclaim our power, giving meaning to our lives to make a real contribution to the world.

“Times are urgent. Let us slow down.”
Bayo Akomolafe

Operating the shift from Time to Energy

The real problem is that most of us have forgotten about the why. We individually and collectively lost our direction of travel. Time has become the centre of our attention for one reason: we do not know where we’re heading. We are focusing on the short term rather than seeing the potential of what the future holds for us.

One simple question to focus on … Why do you do what you do?

While this question can disturb many, this is a requirement to thrive. Reflecting on it makes us understand the role we want to play on this planet — regardless of time. Your unique contribution to the world can finally emerge from this ocean of noise. Finding clarity helps you discover your true purpose in life — your North Star.

From this North Star, you will be able to source energy from within. It won’t be about pulling anymore. The planets will finally align allowing you to flow. Time won’t be a problem anymore as your focus will be on what matters to you.

While time is scarce, energy sourced from passion can fuel your soul. When sourced from within, energy is a powerful driving force for us to lead change.

Taking ownership of your life

All this is about regaining influence over your life again. It is about opening up to our true selves and exploring what being present means. Refocusing our attention and channelling our intentions towards a great purpose. Your life purpose.

From the state of busyness, you will come to realise that you’ve got a lifetime to reach your North Star. It won’t be an easy one but you will be fulfilled by the journey, getting a strong sense of belonging. Finding allies on the journey and taking time to deeply connect to your inner self and what surrounds you.

Living through your values. Starting from this day, every single hour of your life will be channelled towards your main driving force.

Imagine the burning fire inside you taking over. Imagine this fire being the fuel for you to pursue and live through your dreams. Whatever your North Star is, you will be the master of your own path making an impact on the world.

It will give you time to…

  • Sense
  • Feel
  • Contemplate
  • Connect
  • Share
  • Reflect
  • Experience
  • Explore
  • Wonder

and so much more…

You deserve the best. Source from within.

3 tips to get there…

1. Book time to be with yourself on your agenda 🗓️

Initiate the practice of booking a time slot on a weekly basis where the space is fully yours. No notifications, no calls, no emails… A time for you to slow down and connect with your inner self.

2. Reflect on what truly matters to you 🎴

Whether you are getting enthusiastic when spending time with your dearest friends or learning, find what truly makes you feel alive. Write down the most important memories you have in mind and analyse the patterns of these. Are they common traits and similarities?

3. Deep dive into what the future holds for you 👁️

Get a copy of the Think into the Future canvas to explore what contribution you would like to make to the future. Be supported to connect to your true purpose and map out the change you want to see in the world.

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